Patrick Heron

I went along to the Birmingham Art Gallery recently and they had a room full of new paintings, two stood out the crowd and they were the works of Francis Bacon and Patrick Heron. Some would say these artists are opposite sides of the same coin. The fact, in life they had neighbouring studios during their St Ives period. It is great to see their paintings hanging very close to each other.  Heron’s picture called “Porthmeor ” was executed when he was 50 years old, really grabbed my attention, it was an image which for me provoked a thoughtfulness, I spent quiet some time trying to understand his process and appreciate the art work fully.

Porthmeor by Patrick Heron artist, Patrick Heron abstract artist from the St Ives group, basic colours and shapes typify Heron's work, abstract artist Patrick Heron based in Cornwall UK,Patrick Heron paintings titled after local Cornish landscapes,As a painter Patrick Heron was an exponent of abstract art,

"Porthmeor" by Patrick Heron

Francis Bacon

Figures in a landscape by Bacon 1956, this picture was behing glass, so there’ s a problem with reflections but I’m sure you’ll get a fair view of his work. This painting speaks with volumes of  emotional tension, action and trepidation, pain and vulnerability.

Figures in a Landscape by Francis Bacon, Francis Bacon artist exhibiting at the Birmingham Museum and Art gallery,this Francis Bacon painting is similar to the screaming pope,

"Figures in a Landscape" by Francis Bacon

I will be going back again to do some sketching of  this Bacon, I want to try and experience the passion which went into this picture. I will probably have a few vodkas before I start just to get the movement flowing.

and me

Here is a quick sketch that I did a few months ago. The fact that such opposites of artistic polarity came to be neighbours in the same studio block is intriguing . The conversations shared must have been extremely interesting (if any), they may have been heated or not, or just best of friends… perhaps someone would like tell us if they know about their relationship.

Patrick Heron and Francis Bacon drawn in pencil by the artist Gregory, molecules of inspiration are the sketchbooks of art by the abstract artist Gregory's,

Francis Bacon and Patrick Heron

On reflection, my drawing  appears to look like two artists rising from the grave…I think if I get round to doing a painting I will remove the door handles and make the doors into tomb stones. Even in death their molecules of emotion are still having an impact on people living today…isn’t that a wonderful feeling for any artist to achieve.

Post Script

Andy Parkinson and I must be on the same wave length!! Or we are both in touch with late great artists…that’s spooky Andy. Do pop over to see what Andy has written about Patrick Heron…are there any more Heron articles on the blogosphere today…let us know.

Andy’s article “for the Millions” can be found here @patternsthatconnect